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  • Ronda Buhrmester

    Ronda Buhrmester

    Sr. Director Payer Relations & Reimbursement, VGM Government Relations

    Class: Pre-Conference Session

    Pre-Conference Session

    Mission Possible: Women's Health Reimbursement

    The mission is possible as long as you have an understanding of the home medical equipment industry process from intake to billing. 

    The mission is possible as long as you have the proper tools and resources to successfully complete the mission. You won’t have to climb the tallest building in the world or jump from building to building to complete the mission.

    In this mission, you will be introduced to the variety of contractors hired by the Medicare program including (and other payers), and identifying the payment categories. The session will go through steps for the complete intake process where the gathering of patient information is vital to proper claim submission.  Highlights will also include recognizing a valid order and the documentation necessary prior to submitting a claim for payment.  The last step of the mission is preparing for claim submission resulting in the payment.

    It is time to accept this mission by registering for Mission Possible: Women's Health Reimbursement. 

    Learning Objectives: 
    1. Identify the different contractors for CMS Medicare and different payers.
    2. Review the key steps during the intake process.
    3. Evaluate documentation and order requirements as it relates to medical policies.
    4. Discuss the claims filing submission process from modifiers, timely filing, and working with a denial or rejection.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 3.0 Business | BOC: 3.0 Business

    About Ronda Buhrmester

    As a VGM associate since 2012, Ronda specializes in the billing, reimbursement, and audit area as the Senior Director of Payer Relations and Reimbursement.  She managed a hospital-based DME in Illinois for 12 years and handled sales and marketing.  Ronda is a respiratory therapist as well as a certified mastectomy fitter.  With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, she assists VGM and Essentially Women members with the review of claims and all types of audits and educates members on medical policies in the respiratory and all other DME products.  She serves on the Medicare council for all jurisdictions and is a member of the Provider Outreach and Education teams with the Jurisdictions. She is also on the Great Lakes Home Medical Services Association Board of Directors, and a member of the National Supplier Clearinghouse Advisory Council.  Ronda has presented at the VGM Heartland Conference as well as the Medtrade East and West, many state association meetings, and has conducted many webinars and on-site education with VGM and Essentially Women members.

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