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  • Greg McGough

    Greg McGough

    Director of Retail Operations, Medical Xpress

    Class: Breakout Session

    Sunday, February 9 | 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.
    CBD 101: What is CBD and Should I Sell It?

    About Greg McGough

    Greg McGough been in the retail management field for over 15+ years but once you start a conversation with him, his knowledge far surpasses his time in retail. When Greg began with Medical Xpress back in 2011 there were only 3 stores, they now have 7 stores stretching from the Dallas/Fort Worth market down through San Antonio.

    Greg’s outside-the-box thinking, when it comes to retail, has opened the eyes of many of our vendors within the industry as they have taken numerous suggestions of Greg’s about more attractive retail packaging and new lines of products that our customers are looking for. Greg’s vision is not only about growth at Medical Xpress but about building relationships with other DME’s throughout the country and the ability to share best practices for everyone.

    Greg is heavily involved within the large conferences and tradeshows held all over the U.S. and speaks at a variety of them too. Heartland, ECRM, ASD and Medtrade are all on Greg’s yearly calendar and he believes in coaching his managers in to becoming better stewards of their business by attending these conferences with him.

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