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  • Nikki Giamarino

    Nikki Giamarino

    Business Development Manager, American Breast Care

    Class: General Session

    Session Title: Patient Perspectives and Best Practices in Mastectomy Fitting

    Whether you’ve been a mastectomy fitter for 3 weeks or 30 years, this session will provide an opportunity to reflect on the patient’s perspective as she’s coming to visit you for the first time.  We’ll also share best practices in the fitting room and beyond.  As mastectomy fitters, it’s not often we can come together with our peers to share these experiences and knowledge to help strengthen our business and provide the highest level of support for the women we serve in our communities.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Relate to the patient as they are coming to the mastectomy boutique.  Whether it’s after a new diagnosis, prior to surgery, or years later for their resupply items. 
    2. Discuss how are patients are finding your mastectomy boutique.  Identify opportunities to enhance your marketing exposure.  
    3. Understand patients may not be feeling well and may have anxieties about their appearance and may not verbalize their feelings.
    4. Identify best practices that will set your boutique apart to offer next-level care and service. 


    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Scientific | BOC: 1.25 Scientific

    About Nikki Giamarino

    Nikki M. Giamarino, CFm, Business Development Manager, is an ABC Certified Fitter with over 20 years in the medical and breast care industry, including instructing education classes. She holds a BS in Health Administration from Auburn University. Her personal experience, industry knowledge, and caring personality are the perfect combination for an exceptional learning experience. In her spare time, Nikki enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling, and riding her motorcycle.

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