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Live sessions were held Jan. 25 - 28, 2021 and on-demand sessions were available in the Focus Conference platform Jan. 29 - Feb 28, 2021.

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  • Kelly Grahovac

    Kelly Grahovac

    General Manager, The van Halem Group

    Class: Live Session

    Session Title: The Case for Compliance

    As a DMEPOS supplier, you know that having a compliance program is important, but do you understand why? Headlines continue to put healthcare fraud and abuse  in the spotlight, and while those cases are not representative of most of us in the industry, they should at least cause some introspection into what “could” happen. Data breaches and cyber security have become common phrases in today's conversation, and no place is that more prevalent than healthcare. As a healthcare provider you know the importance of having a HIPAA compliance program, but are you HIPAA compliant? In this session, Kelly will explore the importance of reimbursement and HIPAA compliance and what not having could cost you. 

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Learn what an effective compliance program should include.
    2. Understand the benefits of being proactive.
    3. Identify the components of a HIPAA compliance program.
    4. Learn about common HIPAA violations and how to avoid them.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Kelly Grahovac

    Kelly Grahovac serves as the General Manager for The van Halem Group where she focuses on compliance, audits, appeals, education and training, as well as business development. Kelly's past experience includes nearly 10 years at one of the nation's leading Medicare contractors, working at the DME MAC, QIC and A/B MAC contracts. Now that she has crossed over from the "dark side", Kelly applies her in-depth knowledge and expertise, helping our members navigate the complex payor landscape.

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