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Live sessions were held Jan. 25 - 28, 2021 and on-demand sessions were available in the Focus Conference platform Jan. 29 - Feb 28, 2021.

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  • Stacie McMichel and Lisa Addison

    Stacie McMichel and Lisa Addison

    Senior Provider Relations Analyst, Jurisdiction B and Senior Provider Relations Analyst, Jurisdiction C, CGS Administrators, LLC

    Class: On-Demand Session

    This session will cover Medicare Updates related to documentation and billing compliance. CGS will share audit results and resolutions to avoid or correct denials through the appeals process. 

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Analyze documentation compliance errors and compare them to Medicare Standards of Documentation Requirements to determine next steps.
    2. Identify areas within their own processes where they can strengthen the protocol for compliance.
    3. Review and discover self-service tools to enhance the suppliers day to day process and strengthen Medicare compliance. 

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Stacie McMichel and Lisa Addison

    Stacie McMichel
    Stacie McMichel is a Provider Relations Senior Analyst at CGS Administrators, LLC, for Jurisdiction B. Stacie has worked on the Jurisdiction B DME MAC contract under National Government Service from 1996- 2016. Stacie joined the CGS Provider Outreach & Education team in July of 2016, where she continues to serves as the community coach for JB DMEPOS suppliers located in Illinois and Michigan. Stacie’s 24 year tenure, wealth of knowledge and experience in Customer Service, Appeals, CERT audit outcomes, and Provider Outreach and Education continues to add value to the Jurisdiction B outreach and education initiatives.

    Lisa Addison
    Lisa is a Provider Relations Senior Analyst with Provider Outreach and Education at CGS.  She is the Community Coach for South Carolina and Georgia.  Lisa has over 30 years of Medicare experience.  She’s worked in areas associated with DME including claims and customer service.  She worked several years with the HCPCS Coding Helpline and in the Supplier Audit and Compliance Unit with the National Supplier Clearinghouse. Before returning to DME in 2014, Lisa also worked in Provider Outreach and Education with a local Medicare AB MAC as a Policy Analyst.

  • Ryan Ball

    Ryan Ball

    Director, VGM Market Data

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session: Building & Executing Strategic Growth Plans in 2021

    With 2020 in the rearview, women’s health providers plotting 2021 strategies are looking for new, creative ways to grow their business. Whether expanding into a new category or geography or putting a greater focus on their core business, planning for growth is often a guessing game. How much business is in that new market? Who are my competitors and which physicians do they work with? What is reimbursement for the new product focus with private payers? What is my market share in my current markets? Can I expand my cash sales to current patients? This session will explore different ways market intelligence data can help HME’s quantify growth opportunities and determine appropriate resource allocation in planning efforts.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify key metrics to consider when building strategic growth plans
    • Explore how market analysis and profiling can determine provider opportunity in current and prospective markets
    • Understand how the reimbursement landscape can inform negotiating strategy
    • Learn tips on executing a data-driven growth plan

    CEUs: This session is not eligible for CEUs

    About Ryan Ball

    Ryan Ball, has worked in the health care industry for VGM Group, Inc. for more than a decade as director of VGM Market Data and various analyst roles within VGM’s Government and Regulatory department. Prior to working as a regulatory analyst, Ryan worked as a political campaign consultant, focusing primarily on developing and analyzing data to identify statistically-significant market trends and make recommendations on efficient resource allocation. For the past six years, Ryan has been the director of VGM Market Data. In his role, Ryan works with VGM members to provide market intelligence data to identify key referral source opportunities in their markets and provides tools to provide actionable intelligence to post-acute health care sales/marketing teams.

  • Rob Baumhover

    Rob Baumhover

    Director of Retail Programs, VGM & Associates

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session: Product, Merchandising & Coaching Retail Staff

    The presentation will cover what incremental selling is and it's benefits to one's bottom line. We will also discuss different merchandising techniques to capture customer attention to gain additional sales. Lastly, we will cover the characteristics we should be looking for in our retail salesperson, what their responsibilities need to be, and initial and ongoing training techniques.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Discuss what incremental selling is and its benefits to one's bottom line.
    2. Explain different merchandising techniques and strategies to capture more sales.
    3. Describe the characteristics one should look for when hiring or promoting a retail sales individual and identify their responsibilities.
    4. Discuss training measures for retail sales employees. 

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.75 Business | BOC: 1.75 Business

    About Rob Baumhover

    Rob Baumhover is the Director of Retail Programs with VGM & Associates. He is the creator of the VGM Retail Program, which assists VGM members to diversify their HME businesses through improved retail operations. Before joining VGM in 2010, Baumhover worked in a variety of positions with big-box retail companies including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Hobby Lobby, Menards, and Wal-Mart. In his retail career spanning over 20 years, Rob opened and managed numerous big-box retail stores throughout the Midwest, with responsibilities including the daily operations of stores, the setup of floor plans, ordering merchandise, and the hiring and training of management and sales employees. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science in Teaching from Clarke University in Dubuque, IA.

  • Dani Billings

    Dani Billings

    Product Developer and Founder of Nature's Root

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: The Essentials of Homeostasis and CBD

    CBD continues to gain popularity as a therapeutic for anxiety, inflammation, depression and other ailments. This session will provide an introduction to CBD and how it is essential to creating homeostasis on the body.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Describe how CBD helps create homeostasis in the body.
    2. Explain the value and application of CBD.
    3. Explain how CBD is sourced. 

    CEUs: ABCOP: 0.5 Category 1 Science | BOC: 0.5 Scientific

    About Dani Billings

    Dani Fontaine Billings is a co-founder, developer, visionary and pioneer in the Cannabis industry,. Dani is one of the most sought after speakers and consultants in the world, having met with International Ministers of Health and Agriculture, U.S Mayors, senators and governors.  As an owner and founder of a variety of hemp based companies, including, but not limited to Nature's Root, she has one mission in mind, to heal the world with hemp. As a driving force industry wide, her expertise continues to evolve as she works alongside chemists, biologist, engineers, doctors and clients.

  • Ronda Buhrmester

    Ronda Buhrmester

    Sr. Director Payer Relations & Reimbursement

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: Starting at the Beginning with Intake
    The front end process (intake) is a vital role within any home medical equipment business.  The information that is gathered by the front end office during an intake from a referral can make or break your business.  During this session, we will be discussing the process involved at intake while making sure it's efficient to ensure timely claim submission which can result in timely reimbursement.

    Learning Objectives: 
    1. Identify key information need upon the intake process.
    2. Review the requirements for documentation and orders that lead to successful payment.
    3. Establish a pre-delivery protocol to ensure clean claim submission.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business


    About Ronda Buhrmester

    As a VGM associate since 2012, Ronda specializes in the billing, reimbursement, and audit area as the Senior Director of Payer Relations and Reimbursement.  She managed a hospital-based DME in Illinois for 12 years, and handled sales and marketing.  Ronda is a respiratory therapist as well as a certified mastectomy fitter.  Over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, she assists VGM members with review of claims and all types of audits, and educates members on medical policies in the respiratory and all other general DME products.  She serves on the Jurisdictions B and D respiratory team, is a member of the Provider Outreach and Education teams with the Jurisdictions, and attends the council meetings with all four Jurisdictions. She is also on the Great Lakes Home Medical Services Association Board of Directors and a member the National Supplier Clearinghouse Advisory Council.  Ronda has presented at Focus Conference, VGM Heartland Conference as well as the Medtrade and state association meetings, and has conducted webinars and on-site education with VGM members.

  • Matt Gruskin, MBA, BOCO, BOCPD, CDME

    Matt Gruskin, MBA, BOCO, BOCPD, CDME

    BOC Credentialing Director

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: Certifications: Best Business Practice

    In this presentation, BOC Credentialing Director, Matthew Gruskin, will discuss the value of certification and how to market your credentials as a competitive advantage. Participants will learn about the role of the mutiple certifications and the path to acheive these. Becoming certified or employing certified professionals not only differetiates you from the competition but supports compliance with Medicare Human Resource Quality Standards. 

    Learning Objective:

    1. Understand the role of a COF, CMF and CDME and the advantages of certification.
    2. Learn the requirements and process to become certified.
    3. Understand the business advantages to having certified professionals on your staff.
    4. Learn how to successfully market credentialed employees and the companies they support. 

    CEUs: ABCOP: 0.75 Business | BOC: 0.75 Business

    About Matt Gruskin, MBA, BOCO, BOCPD, CDME

    Matt Gruskin leads the direction, strategy, policies and day-to-day operations of the business accreditation and professional certification programs at BOC with a focus on credentialing program standards and the delivery of excellent customer service. Matt enjoys sharing his experience and expertise with audiences as both a speaker and author. Prior to joining BOC, he spent 10 years in clinical practice specializing in orthtoics and prosthetics. Matt holds an MBA in healthcare from Florida International University, a post graduate certificate in O&P from University of Hartford and a post graduate certificate from the International school of Pedorthics.

  • Emily McCormack and Nick Dideriksen

    Emily McCormack and Nick Dideriksen

    Director of Service Operations, VGM Insurance and Senior I.T. Analyst, VGM Forbin

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: Cyber Exposure - Protecting Your Future

    In today's increasingly electronic and web-based world, consider the exposure to your business should you be subjected to a zero day cyber attack. During our time we'll discuss what perils your business is facing, examples of how similar businesses were attacked and preventative measures available to reduce your risk.  Arm yourself with the information you need to protect your business against ever increasing attacks.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Evaluate your businesses cyber exposure to include the technology environment.
    2. Analyze current cyber liability processes, procedures, and risk mitigation tactics.
    3. Describe the application of newly discovered coverage/processes to your business. 

    CEUs: ABCOP: 0.5 Business | BOC: 0.5 Business

    About Emily McCormack and Nick Dideriksen

    Emily McCormack has been a member of the VGM family for 9 years having worked in Homelink before joining the Insurance team in 2013. In her role as Director of Service Operations for VGM Insurance, Emily oversees the customer servicing team of Account Managers, CSRs and Accounts Receivable Specialists, with a focus on creating the absolute best customer experience. Outside of work Emily and her husband, Trevor, love to travel, spend time with friends and family and are avid sports fanatics watching everything from football and basketball to NASCAR.

    Nick Dideriksen is a Senior I.T. Analyst for VGM Forbin, a division of The VGM Group Inc. As a technology professional for the past 15 years, Nick has had the opportunity to work in numerous industries before finding his home at VGM. Nick excels at relating to his customers and creating efficiencies in their workplace. He feels strongly that the more people you know, the easier it is to find help when you need it most. In his spare time, Nick enjoys playing golf, volleyball, and spending time with his family.

  • Paul DiMarco

    Paul DiMarco

    Vice President, Organizational Development, VGM Group, Inc.

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: Follow Your Strengths - Maximize Your Potential (On-Demand)

    All people have a unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills - strengths - that they use in their daily lives to do their work, achieve their goals, and interact with others. By exploring the ways in which you naturally think, feel, and behave, you can identify and build on the areas where you have infinite potential to grow and succeed. This is not just for you but can be used for your team(s) at work. Optimizing your employees' strengths will optimize their, and your whole organization’s, performance!

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Describe the 34 talent themes in the CliftonStrengths program, identifying them in yourself and others.
    2. Identify the four domains of the CliftonStrengths program and how they relate to you and the people around you.
    3. Demonstrate how the usage of strengths-based or personality-based programs can improve team communication.
    4. Discuss how to construct a plan for your team to focus on strengths-based performance.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Paul DiMarco

    Paul DiMarco is vice president, Organizational Development of VGM Group, Inc. In his role, Paul strategizes employee and organizational development plans with the various VGM business units. Paul also gets involved in presenting and facilitating development programs and holds certifications and credentials in multiple development programs/disciplines. He has held leadership and development positions since joining VGM in 2010. Paul and his wife, Lynda, live in Waverly, IA and have two sons, Mike (31) and Nick (29). Paul stays active within his surrounding community, enjoys travel, hatchet throwing, horseshoes, target archery and smoking many kinds of meat.  

  • Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

    Founder and CEO, AnaOno

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: How to Engage Your Community Through Marketing & Events

    As a breast cancer thriver, I personally know how difficult it was to find the post-op supplies and resources I needed. Your business may have excellent staff and service with huge hearts, but does your community see you as the destination for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients? Join me in this course as we discuss serving the breast cancer community through a 3-pillar approach: content, commerce, and community. We will discuss how to use all three of these objectives to engage both customers and communities and build brand awareness and broaden customer engagement in store and brand loyalty.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Describe how to create engaging and empowering content for your community.
    2. Gain an understanding of base consumer engagement and marketing techniques.
    3. Build brand awareness through community and content.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 0.75 Business | BOC: 0.75 Business

    About Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree was a budding fashion designer and planning her wedding when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27. Her entire world flipped upside down. Many challenges were presented when receiving her diagnosis, one she didn't expect, her underwear drawer. Dana took her decade of fashion industry experience and launched AnaOno, intimates designed differently for those like her, that had undergone a breast surgery related to a cancer diagnosis. Her story has been told in major outlets, like USA Today, Today.com, HuffPost, InStyle and many others, but she is most proud of getting the opportunity to share her experience to help improve the lives of others.

  • Craig Douglas

    Craig Douglas

    Vice President, Payer and Member Relations, VGM & Associates

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: Making the Most of Managed Care

    Taking care of your managed care patients can be difficult, and many providers view it as a necessary evil. You have to perform benefit verification and sometimes prior authorization, collect the Rx and other required documentation, bill the insurance, bill the patient, all for what often feels like very little reimbursement. During this presentation, we will look at what you can do to make navigating some of the road blocks and pitfalls associated with managed care a little bit easier.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Identify common barriers and misconceptions - on all sides.
    2. Learn methods for remaining profitable - what to do and what not to do.
    3. Identify strategies to use when negotiating your payer contracts.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business 

    About Craig Douglas

    Craig Douglas, vice president of payer and member relations at VGM & Associates, has nearly two decades of experience working with payers and providers. In his current role, Craig assists in navigating payer relationships and addressing concerns that impact VGM’s membership. Prior to joining VGM & Associates, Douglas was vice president of provider relations of VGM HOMELINK. His responsibilities included provider onboarding, oversight of network adequacy for the payer partners and patients for whom care was coordinated, and building and fostering effective, goal-driven relationships with payers and providers. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or contact him at [email protected]

  • Jamela Hodgson

    Jamela Hodgson

    Owner, A Special Place Custom Wigs

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session: Beginner to Advanced: How to Make Wigs a Profitable Part of Your Business

    Your breast cancer patients likely want head coverings, but are you the resource for wigs in your community? Whether you're considering to offer wigs and wondering what kind of inventory it takes to get started or you're already offering and you'd like to be more profitable in your business, join Jamela Hodgson to learn about how wigs can be a revenue stream for your business. This session will be in 3 parts: 1 -"I'm Thinking of Offering Wigs" which will go over things to consider: determining the market in your area, will it be a good fit for me, what do I need (space, education, inventory, supplies, time, etc. 2. "I've decided to carry wigs, now what," which will discuss marketing, consultation, and customizing wigs  3. "How Can I make my wig business more profitable," where we will go beyond the basics to leverage your current wig business into a more profitable center.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Identify inventory, supplies, education to start offering wigs as part of your business.
    2. Describe marketing objectives for your wig business.
    3. Explain how to be more profitable with wigs.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 0.75 Business | BOC: 0.75 Business

    About Jamela Hodgson

    Jamela Hodgson is the owner of A Special Place Wigs in Greensboro, NC Roanoke, VA.  Since 1996, Jamela’s passion has been working with cancer patients, first as a mastectomy fitter, certified as a CFm by the American Board of Prosthetics, Orthotics and Pedorthics, and later as a specialist in compression garments and wigs and hair loss solutions.  Today her focus is on providing high quality, custom wigs, hairpieces, helping on average more than 1,000 men, women and children experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, as well as alopecia and other hair loss conditions, and even those looking for wigs for theater, fun or fashion. Her articles have been published in professional trade journals and last year she was a featured guest educator at the American Hair Loss Council in Nashville, TN and Total Hair Solutions Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Karla Hurtado

    Karla Hurtado

    Business Development Manager, Hair Visions International

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: Myths about Hair Loss

    Hair loss in women can occur due to many different factors including hormonal imbalances, alopecia, and cancer treatments to name a few.  Understanding hair loss is in women is important for mastectomy fitters as mastectomy fitters can support them through the transition and provide options. This class will provide an overview of the causes of hair loss, the differences between men’s and women’s hair loss, and overview of trichology. More than 30 million women experience hair loss. You as a mastectomy fitter can help them by providing the various solutions available for them; wigs can be the answer for you and them. In this presentation, we will discuss the basic knowledge to guide women suffering with hair loss to seek a solution suitable for their needs and evaluate the pros and the cons of carrying wigs and hair loss products. The presentation will open your mind and business to new ways of revenue and new ways of helping women. 

    Learning Objectives:

    • Describe how hair loss occurs in women facing hormonal imbalances, cancer treatments, and alopecia.
    • Evaluate the pros and cons of providing wigs and hair loss products.
    • Discuss how mastectomy fitters can educate patients on hair loss and hair loss solutions.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.25 Category 1 Science | BOC: 1.25 Scientific

    About Karla Hurtado

    Karla Hurtado is an 18 year veteran in the hair replacement industry with a deep understanding of how thinning or hair loss impacts the lives of men and women. On her path of becoming a trichologist, Karla is a certified hair practitioner with IAT. She leads the Head First Trichologist program.

  • Michele Jensen

    Michele Jensen

    Vice President, Moxie

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: Branding. Marketing. Where does one end and the other begin?
    What is branding? What is marketing? In this session, we will discuss the differences between the two and how you can use both to bring success to your business.

    Learning Objectives: 
    1. Discover the difference between branding and marketing.
    2. Identify ways each contribute to the success of your business.
    3. Assess changes that could enhance your brand.
    4. Determine if modifications should be made to your marketing strategy.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 0.5 Business | BOC: 0.5 Business

    About Michele Jensen

    Michele Jensen is a passionate marketing professional with experience developing and implementing successful marketing campaigns, branding initiatives, communication strategies and client relationships. Her two decades in marketing range from marketing agency work to founding her own start-up. From entrepreneurs to billion-dollar corporations, she employs a consulting style to intimately understand marketing challenges and opportunities, translating them into executable strategies and measurable results. 

  • Jim Lawson

    Jim Lawson

    Outreach Development, American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics (ABC)

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: 2021: Boutique Accreditation Standards: How to be Compliant in a Challenging Mastectomy World

    Change is all around us especially in the COVID-19 world, and it’s how you stay ahead of the curve which will ensure your success. Where is our profession going and what changes can we make to stay on top and safe? Join this education opportunity and discussion on best business practices and ways to help your boutique be compliant with the ABC accreditation standards. We’ll discuss ABC’s extensive set of accreditation tools and resources to help you become and remain the best business you can be.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Reviewing best business practices that will save you time and money.
    2. Complying with the standards that apply directly to your boutique.
    3. Understanding Chart documentation that supports treatment, billing and medical necessity. Make sure you get paid for the services you provide and help defend yourself from audits.
    4. Learning about issues ABC surveyors discover during their surveys and even more importantly, how to avoid them! 

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.25 Business | BOC: 1.25 Business

    About Jim Lawson

    Jim manages ABC’s outreach Development and in that role he devotes his time to working with business owners, helping them to navigate the accreditation process and improve their businesses. He also works with students and residents to help them be prepared for the ABC certificate board exams. Jim speaks at national, regional, state, and chapter O&P, Pedorthics, and Mastectomy conferences as well as universities and colleges as he represents ABC. He also produces educational video series for ABC, webinars and podcasts. With over 20 years’ experience in partnership building, public outreach, and business development, Jim brings to the O&P profession a unique perspective to help business owners succeed.

  • Mark Higley, MBA

    Mark Higley, MBA

    Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, VGM & Associates

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: Succession Planning in 2021 & Beyond

    Business succession planning is a series of logistical and financial decisions about who will take over your business upon retirement, death or disability. The first step is to identify the ideal successor to take over your boutique/medical equipment business, then determine the best selling arrangement. There are 4 common ways to transfer ownership of your business. We will review each of these.  

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Analyze the component parts of an appropriate succession plan.
    2. Understand the potential drawbacks of the various common ways to transfer the business.
    3. Understand the importance of the buy-sell agreement. 

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Mark Higley, MBA

    Mark Higley is Vice President of Regulatory Affairs of VGM & Associates with responsibilities including corporate business development, market research and industry analysis. His current projects include analysis of governmental, regulatory and compliance issues affecting the DMEPOS industry, including national competitive bidding, health care policy, and other current home medical equipment provider concerns. He sits on the AAHomecare Regulatory Council, on the board of the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA), and is a regular speaker/panelist/consultant at numerous HME industry events. Mark received his master's of business administration in marketing research from the University of Iowa, and earned undergraduate degrees in Finance and Economics. Prior to his 1998 employment with VGM, Mark held a variety of executive positions with the Arena Football League, Chicago, IL, and as a financial analyst with Deere & Company, Moline, IL.

  • Tony Santangelo and Eric Mongeau

    Tony Santangelo and Eric Mongeau

    Regional Sales Manager, Updox and National Sales Director - Sleep, Aeroflow Healthcare

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session: Telehealth and the Five Predictions of the Future of Healthcare

    As stay-at-home restrictions begin to lift, there is uncertainty of what the future holds. One thing we know for certain, a new precedent for healthcare has emerged. As we look ahead, healthcare will continue to transform at a rapid pace. Join us as we take a glimpse into the future and highlight five predictions for the immediate future. We'll also spend time with current Updox and VGM customer, Aeroflow, who will talk through their experience with prediction number one - telehealth is here to stay. Other predictions include that patients will avoid care, waiting rooms with disappear, virtual collaboration will improve care fragmentation, practices will be paperless. 

    Learning Objectives:
    1. Discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the full healthcare continuum.
    2. Describe how telehealth can increase productivity.
    3. Explain how telehealth can improve the patient experience.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Tony Santangelo and Eric Mongeau

    Tony Santangelo, Regional Sales Manager, Updox

    Tony Santangelo is currently the Updox Enterprise East Regional Sales Manager. He consults with health care organizations that have unique communication, referral coordination, and patient engagement challenges. Prior to joining Updox, Tony started a DME from scratch in 2014 and dispensed into 30 states. Before starting a DME, he marketed respiratory, urological, and anesthesia devices and disposables to DMEs, hospital systems and the post-acute market.

    Eric Mongeau, National Sales Director - Sleep, Aeroflow Healthcare

    Eric Mongeau is a well-versed sales expert with a mind for growth and a wealth of experience in the healthcare and home care spaces. Currently, Eric serves as the National Sales Director for Aeroflow Healthcare leading strategy, sales, and marketing efforts, fostering strong, dynamic relationships with patients, care providers and partners.

    Eric joined the company in 2019. In his time at Aeroflow, Eric has helped to lead the Sleep Division through aggressive growth; increasing the footprint, volume, and profitability.

    Prior to working at Aeroflow, Eric led the Sales and Marketing at Reliable Respiratory.  At Reliable, Eric was responsible for tripling revenues and establishing Reliable as the top HME in New England.

    Before working as a provider in DME, Eric worked at ResMed for more than six years as a territory manager and consultant for ResMed, earning several company awards including multiple years of President’s Club, plus Rookie of the Year in 2013.

    Eric is also involved in publicity and media serving as a spokesperson for Aeroflow and an advocate for the Home Medical Equipment industry.

    Eric earned his Bachelor of Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2003. Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Eric has settled in Norwell with his wife and two sons.

  • Dr. Esra Roan

    Dr. Esra Roan

    CEO/President of SOMAVAC

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session: Closed Suction Drain Use in Breast Surgery

    Closed suction drains are routinely used after mastectomies, plastic surgery, or other surgeries impacting women. And yet, there are many misunderstandings as to how drains function and impact the recovery and healing process. This presentation will inform the audience about the history of surgical drains, their functionality, their types and the latest progress in this area.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Understand the role of surgical drains in breast surgery.
    2. Evaluate modern surgical drains.
    3. Understand proper use and maintenance of surgical drains.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Category 1 Science | BOC: 1.0 Scientific

    About Dr. Esra Roan

    Dr. Esra Roan is the Co-founder of SOMAVAC Medical. Previously, she served as an Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Memphis where she received Outstanding Early Careeer Award from the American Thoracic Society. She is a mechanical engineer in training with nearly 20 years of experience in solving biomedical problems that impact people's lives.

  • Lindy Snider

    Lindy Snider

    Founder and CEO of Lindi Skin

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: Cancer Treatment and Your Skin
    Many times, cancer treatment adversely affects a person’s skin. However, with proper care and management, some side effects can be managed or mitigated. Join us as we discuss the various skin-related side effects of cancer treatments and what can be done to manage them. We will also include ways to identify possible side effects of skin care.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Describe the physical and emotional impacts of cancer treatments.
    2. Discuss ways to evaluate and mitigate side effects of treatment.
    3. Explain how to apply skin care techniques to clients.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 0.5 Category 1 Science | BOC: 0.5 Scientific

    About Lindy Snider

    Lindy Snider is the founder and CEO of Lindi Skin, the first full line of skincare products developed to address the unique, unmet needs of cancer patients. A lifelong advocate of skin wellness, Lindy has been relentless in her commitment to empower and support cancer patients and survivors throughout their treatment and journey to wellness. Since its inception, Lindi Skin has been lauded by medical and cosmetic industry leaders and has been recognized for its unique formulas and product excellence.  Lindi Skin is a strong presence in the cancer community, partnering with various non-profits.

    Lindy attended Ithaca College and The University of Pennsylvania and continues to read and research extensively about the issues involving skin toxicities.  She is the mother of four children and two stepsons and is married to Dr. Larry Kaiser, a thoracic surgeon and President of The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.  Lindy is a role model for women striving to balance personal and professional lives while continuously pursuing her mission to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

  • Cindy White

    Cindy White

    Provider and Outreach and Education Consultant, Noridian Healthcare Solutions, Inc

    Class: On-Demand Session

    External Breast Prosthesis Coverage and Documentation Requirements

    This session will review Medicare contractor updates for Jurisdiction A and D on external breast prosthesis, including global updates, common billing errors, and public health emergency updates. 

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Interpret external breast prosthesis's coverage criteria and coding guidelines.
    2. Recall external breast prosthesis's documentation requirements.
    3. Determine external breast prosthesis's common billing errors.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Cindy White

    Cindy White holds the position of Education Consultant for outreach and education teams, providing guidance to both the Jurisdiction A and Jurisdiction D DME MAC contracts currently held by Noridian Healthcare Solutions. As an education consultant, she is responsible for offering support to the supplier community as well as creating and presenting training courses involving detailed billing, coding, and coverage requirements for Medicare fee-for-service. Cindy has also had the opportunity to present during many collaborative events with the provider community, referring patients to DMEPOS suppliers to assist in their understanding of Medicare DMEPOS requirements. Prior to joining Noridian Healthcare Solutions, Cindy spent 17 years working for a supplier in the DME industry, primarily in respiratory services. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Business Administration. Cindy has extensive experience in training related to DMEPOS coverage criteria and reimbursement. 

  • Lisa Ziehl

    Lisa Ziehl

    Sr. Customer Success Manager, Brightree

    Class: On-Demand Session

    Session Title: Making Your Technology Work for You

    Technology is answering the industry call of doing more for less with software that connects your billing workflow from the referral and intake processes all the way through collections. In fact, providers of all sizes can find business efficiencies by taking advantage of digital automation tools for patient engagement, data and analytics, inventory management, and electronic prescriptions. 

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Recognize ways to get organized using digital processes.
    2. Relate how data can help improve your workflow.
    3. Identify new ways to connect with patients at scale. 

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Lisa Ziehl

    Lisa Ziehl is a senior customer success manager, working closely with providers to ensure maximum use is achieved, benchmarks are met, and operational efficiency is obtained. Working in the HME industry since 2004, she is adamant that technology can aid in efficiencies and is passionate in helping HME providers find solutions within their workflow. 

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