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Live sessions were held Jan. 25 - 28, 2021 and on-demand sessions were available in the Focus Conference platform Jan. 29 - Feb 28, 2021.

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  • Nikki Giamarino

    Nikki Giamarino

    Business Development Manager, American Breast Care

    Class: Live Session

    Session Title: How to Drive Success with a Custom Breast Prosthesis Program During the Pandemic
    The pandemic is presenting the mastectomy industry with unique challenges and forcing a shift in business practices, including the environment in which patients are served. We’ll discuss how to successfully implement a safe, efficient, income-positive custom breast prosthesis program in your business. Current custom breast prosthesis suppliers will share their pandemic-time custom successes and how this unique product offering is keeping their business financially healthy during these uncertain times. Join in to determine if the addition of a custom breast prosthesis program is the best new opportunity for your business.  

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Create and maintain a successful custom breast prosthesis program for your unique business.
    2. Evaluate potential business gains with the addition of a custom breast prosthesis program to your business.
    3. Apply new safety rules and measures during the pandemic.
    4. Understand the features and benefits associated with a custom breast prosthesis.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Nikki Giamarino

    Nikki Giamarino, CFm, is the Business Development Manager at American Breast Care and is an ABC Certified Fitter with over 20 years of experience in the medical and breast care industry and 10+ years as an educator. She holds a BS in Health Administration from Auburn University. Her personal experience, industry knowledge, and caring personality are the perfect combination for an exceptional learning experience.

  • Paul DiMarco

    Paul DiMarco

    Vice President, Organizational Development, VGM Group, Inc.

    Class: Live Session

    Session Title: Mixing and Matching Working Styles

    All we know about ourselves and the world around us is a product of our perceptions. How we perceive ourselves and how we want others to perceive us, and, how they actually do perceive us, dictates the majority of our interpersonal interactions. This session will describe various communication styles and personality preferences and guide us in how to recognize and adapt to them to enhance, and hopefully improve, our communication with others.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Recognize the various personality and communication types.
    2. Discuss the attributes of your communication style and how to adjust it to connect with others on a consistent basis.
    3. Identify different communication and personality types in others and adjust your approach with them to improve the interaction.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Paul DiMarco

    Paul DiMarco is vice president, Organizational Development of VGM Group, Inc. In his role, Paul strategizes employee and organizational development plans with the various VGM business units. Paul also gets involved in presenting and facilitating development programs and holds certifications and credentials in multiple development programs/disciplines. He has held leadership and development positions since joining VGM in 2010. Paul and his wife, Lynda, live in Waverly, IA and have two sons, Mike (31) and Nick (29). Paul stays active within his surrounding community, enjoys travel, hatchet throwing, horseshoes, target archery and smoking many kinds of meat.  

  • Kelly Grahovac

    Kelly Grahovac

    General Manager, The van Halem Group

    Class: Live Session

    Session Title: The Case for Compliance

    As a DMEPOS supplier, you know that having a compliance program is important, but do you understand why? Headlines continue to put healthcare fraud and abuse  in the spotlight, and while those cases are not representative of most of us in the industry, they should at least cause some introspection into what “could” happen. Data breaches and cyber security have become common phrases in today's conversation, and no place is that more prevalent than healthcare. As a healthcare provider you know the importance of having a HIPAA compliance program, but are you HIPAA compliant? In this session, Kelly will explore the importance of reimbursement and HIPAA compliance and what not having could cost you. 

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Learn what an effective compliance program should include.
    2. Understand the benefits of being proactive.
    3. Identify the components of a HIPAA compliance program.
    4. Learn about common HIPAA violations and how to avoid them.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Kelly Grahovac

    Kelly Grahovac serves as the General Manager for The van Halem Group where she focuses on compliance, audits, appeals, education and training, as well as business development. Kelly's past experience includes nearly 10 years at one of the nation's leading Medicare contractors, working at the DME MAC, QIC and A/B MAC contracts. Now that she has crossed over from the "dark side", Kelly applies her in-depth knowledge and expertise, helping our members navigate the complex payor landscape.

  • Sarah Hanna

    Sarah Hanna

    CEO and Founder, ECS North

    Class: Live Session

    Session Title: Responsibility and Accountability: Managing Your Team in a Result Driven Environment

    Responsibility and accountability are the key words when evaluating staff. How do you drive those two areas within your organization? Engaging your staff in the "sea of change" which is the business environment is a must to build the emotional attachment to your vision and mission that produces the results which drive your company's bottom line. In addition to loyalty and "buy-in" by your team, managerial coaching and appropriate leadership behaviors are needed to bring about the desired results from team members. A culture of accountability is yours for the taking.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Identify what makes your company a place where people want to work.
    2. Illustrate what makes a “top performer.”
    3. Discuss coaching techniques that produce results.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Sarah Hanna

    Sarah Hanna is the CEO and founder of ECS North and has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry owning and operating a successful, independent HME, respiratory, infusion and home health company for 9 years before focusing on the consulting, training and speaking responsibilities for ECS North full-time.

  • Miriam Lieber

    Miriam Lieber

    President, Lieber Consulting, LLC

    Class: Live Session

    Session Title: Leadership and Business Practice Optimization

    Optimization is an effective approach to achieving operational efficiencies. Through strong leadership, automation and process improvement, a business should gain market advantage and improved profitability. A discussion of key measures and benchmarks to help guide staff will be included. Lead by example to maximixe staff buy-in, especially in challenging times. 

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand how operational efficiencies impact the bottom line.
    2. Discuss how a strong leader impacts productivity.
    3. Examine key measures and benchmarks for internal control.
    4. Discuss automation initiatives with a superior return on investment. 

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Miriam Lieber

    Miriam Lieber is principle consultant at Lieber Consulting LLC. With over 25 years' experience in the homecare field, she is an operational management and leadership consultant and trainer specializing in homecare reimbursement. Her extensive experience with Medicare and other third party payers has brought her national recognition in the homecare industry. Miriam is a featured author for many articles in the areas of operations management and leadership and is also a nationally known speaker for many homecare trade associations. In her consulting practice, Ms. Lieber's clientele includes home health care companies, hospitals, wholesalers, pharmacists and manufacturers. She is known to have practical approaches to complex revenue cycle management matters and assists her clients with the nuts and bolts of running a profitable business.

  • Erin Sokalsky, ATC, PTA, CLT - LANA, WCC

    Erin Sokalsky, ATC, PTA, CLT - LANA, WCC

    Sr. Clinical Education Manager, Lymphology & Wound, mediUSA

    Class: Live Session

    Session Title: Lower Extremity Compression - Making it Easy for You and Your Customers

    The need for custom compression garments for the treatment of vascular and lymphatic diseases grows daily.  Measuring for these custom garments is sometimes seems as difficult and time-consuming.  This course will cover the landmark measuring techniques widely utilized today, and the newest technologies available to improve precision and ease of measuring.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Discuss the physiology of compression, compression types, concepts of compression application, and compression dosage.
    2. Demonstrate proper landmark measuring for lower extremity compression garments.
    3. Select appropriate garments and options for specific diagnoses.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Category 1 Science | BOC: 1.0 Scientific

    About Erin Sokalsky, ATC, PTA, CLT - LANA, WCC

    Erin Sokalsky is a certified lymphedema and wound therapist with a focused interest in compression therapy.  She has over 20 years of experience including clinical patient care, marketing and product development.  With the goal of furthering the awareness of lymphedema and compression therapy, her focus has been the education of clinicians, fitters, and patients as a speaker at national and international conferences and symposiums.  She currently works for mediUSA as a Sr. Clinical Education Manager.

  • Molly Wilson

    Molly Wilson

    Assistant Controller, The VGM Group, Inc

    Class: Live Session

    Session Title: Digging Into the Numbers: Defining Business Success 

    2020 was a hard year for all businesses. Leave 2020 behind and let's start 2021 with a refocused business strategy. 

    Defining business success can be subjective, but it doesn’t have to be. Business success is dependent on your financials and key performance indicators and how they compare with other trends in the industry. In this one-hour session, we will discuss business financials, what key elements to focus on if you want to grow your business, and how to tell if your numbers indicate you should add staff. We will also look at recent Essentially Women benchmarking data results to identify some macro results applicable to the women’s health industry. You won't want to miss this session.

    Learning Objectives: 

    1. Define and identify key performance indicators (KPIs) in the women’s health industry.
    2. Discuss financial indicators that businesses should monitor to maintain a financially healthy business.
    3. Review the results of the recent Essentially Women benchmarking survey.
    4. Identify trends and discuss assumptions derived from this data.

    CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Business | BOC: 1.0 Business

    About Molly Wilson

    Molly Wilson is the Assistant Controller with VGM Group.  She received her degree in Accounting from the University of Northern Iowa and has 20+ years of professional experience.  She began her career in public accounting with Arthur Anderson spending time at two public companies, Alliant Energy and Lee Enterprises, Inc. and landed at VGM two and half years ago.  While at VGM, she has focused on financial reporting, budgeting and providing business units with valuable data to run their business.  She has also worked with a group of U.S. Rehab members compiling and analyzing quarterly and annual statistics. 

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