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Expand Your Lymphedema Business: Day and Night

Location: Gulf Room

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 ~ 2:15PM - 3:15PM

The medi Lymphedema therapy concept is an approach to lymphedema treatment that emphasizes patient independence throughout all the phases of treatment and focuses on offering all the tools needed to be successful in one's lifelong journey with lymphedema. Determining the best product choices for a patient's long-term self management can not just be difficult for the patient, but also for the clinician and supplier. In this presentation, we will be discussing some strategies that offer patients more success with their self-care home programs through highlighting products that can assist patients in transitioning from therapy over to independent self-management. Setting patients up with success in lymphedema self-management is the most important aspect of what providers, clinicians and suppliers can offer a patient with lymphedema; and knowing what tools to offer a patient is a critical component of this. After attending this session you will have a better knowledge on product offerings for day and nighttime and have the most updated information on the newest tools for medi nighttime use.

Learning Objectives:
- Attendees will identify and understand 3 phases of lymphedema therapy.
- Attendees will identify appropriate products specific to daytime, nighttime and anytime products.
- Attendees will identify 2 differences among daytime and nighttime compression garments. 
- Attendees will identify 2 purposes to nighttime compression products.

CEUs: ABCOP: 1.0 Scientific | BOC: 1.25 Scientific


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