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Exercise & Life After Cancer - Sunday, Feb. 3, 8 - 9:30 a.m.

Sponsored by American Breast Care

Session Description

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Jenn Junk joins the Focus Conference to show you just how to do that for the survivors in your community. In 2008 Jenn founded Recovery on Water (ROW) in Chicago, IL. While this program may seem like an exercise program on the surface, it is so much more than that; it is a program that empowers women after they have been defeated post breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Many studies over the years have proven the many benefits of exercise, especially for those recovering from breast cancer. We will discuss the cancer patient’s journey and how survivors are typically left confused about the body they’ve been left with after surgeries and therapies. Jenn will also discuss the need in the cancer survivorship space and how ROW has met that need in Chicago.

About Jenn

Jenn Junk founded Recovery on Water with Sue Ann Glaser in 2008. As a board member, a coach and the Executive Director of ROW®, Jenn has led the organization since its infancy. She brings her nonprofit background and coaching experience to manage the coaches, budget, assess programs and run the organization with the guidance of the Board Chair and Board of Directors.

Jenn is passionate about exercise for survivors and believes in the tool that exercise and the sport of rowing can be for patients recovering from cancer and other types of trauma. She continues to lead ROW today and hopes to build the organization so that it is a resource for survivors for years to come.

Jenn sits on the Advisory Board for Girls in the Game and the Board of Directors for South Side Community Rowing. Jenn likes starboard side, handstands, running marathons, eating hot wings (not at the same time) and kicking cancer’s butt–one rower at a time.

If Disney Ran Your Company - Monday, Feb. 4, 9 - 10:15 a.m.

Sponsored by American Breast Care

Session Description

If Disney Ran Your Company focusing on the strategies that built the most successful entertainment enterprise in the world.  Disney was all about the customer experience, insuring customers will continue to refer others and create a business atmosphere that focused upon delivering value for one's investment (those $100+ tickets). As we come to realize Disney continually raises their ticket prices - and no one seems to care. How do you make that happen in your company!

About Louis

Louis Feuer, MA, MSW is President of Dynamic Seminars & Consulting. Louis has been training and educating the healthcare industry for close to 35 years. He has been a social worker/case manager, referral source, hospital administrator and the director of professional development for one of the nation’s largest home care companies. Louis has presented sales, marketing and customer service programs in almost every area of the healthcare industry. His video lecture series, Take Me to the Top is now available for purchase without subscription fees. Louis training programs are used by American Health Insurance Plans for all their customer service training and certification courses. He has published hundreds of articles in such journals as the Journal of Hospital Marketing, the Retail Pharmacist, The Case Manager Magazine, HomeCare Magazine and the list goes on.  He provides business strategies to businesses throughout the healthcare industry. He has published several hundred articles on professional development issues and for almost 20 years had a monthly column in HomeCare Magazine. Louis is the creator of Our Comment Center a 24/7 online program for listening to referral sources and patients. Previously for 7 years Louis served on the National Accreditation Review Committee for HQAA having reviewed thousands of surveyor reports.  He was also recognized as the top presenter at the 2016 conference for the National Home Infusion Association.

He has lectured throughout the US, Canada and Europe. He is best known in the industry for his dynamic, straightforward, entertaining and insightful programs that have been a part of Heartland Conferences since its inception. With more than 35 years of healthcare industry experience Louis provides straightforward, easy to use strategies for improving sales, operations and marketing. Louis also recently now created a corporate gift division of Dynamic Seminars (

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